• JK Tyre products are warranted against any deficiency in design, manufacturing, material or workmanship.
  • This warranty is valid for the first owner of the product during its new life. Tyre(s) once repaired or re-treaded or worn through plies, ply exposed, manipulated or altered for defects/pattern/markings, Tube(s) repaired, manipulated or altered for defects / markings shall not be entitled for warranty claim.
  • This warranty is valid for a period of 36 months for Truck/Bus tyres, 36 months for LCV tyres and 60 months for Pass. Car tyres - from the date of manufacturing or date of shipment or Tread pattern worn up to Tread Wear Indicator (TWI), whichever is earlier, irrespective of its service life or Kilometer covered.
  • Tyres accepted under warranty claim will be on pro-rata wear based on measurement of Non Skid Depth and percentage Tread wear.
  • All products received under warranty claim shall be inspected and dis-positioned by field Technical service personnel or trained and authorized Sales/Marketing personnel.
  • Inspection findings of JK’s Technical Service personnel will be final.
  • JK Tyre shall not be responsible for failure of companion tyre, or consequential losses or damages caused if any on account of tyre failure.
NOTE :- JK Tyre shall cover  TYRE BRANDS manufactured  and/or marketed  in the name of -- JK / VIKRANT
  • JK / VIKRANT TYRE Importer / Distributor shall ensure to indicate Invoice / purchase details while forwarding warranty claim details
  • Claim details to be forwarded to JK Tyre - Technical Service ( Export Department ), Link House, 3 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi – 110 002 ( India ).
  • Claim details  shall be filled in the claim form ( format no. NEXP-09-FR-01 ) containing all the informations pertaining to Tyre size/pattern, NSD, Tyre Serial No., photo reference no., Defect, etc.
  • Clear photographs of the defective tyres is a must. Photographs showing the following area on Tyre should be sent -
    • Defective portion
    • Tread pattern
    • Serial No. of Tyre
      Photographs should preferably be of 4 x 6 or Post Card size
  • Claim Form ( Format No. NEXP-09-FR-01 ) duly filled up along with photographs shall be sent through courier or electronic media i.e. CD, floppy, e-mail etc to above address.
  • Frequency of claim form submission should preferably be either monthly / quarterly depending upon No. of claims or min. 10 nos. for ease of credit settlement.
  • JK shall confirm receipt of claim data to the distributor. JK may seek additional information / data if required for processing the claim.
  • On receipt of claim details, JK will record the same in Claim Inspection Report ( CIR - Format No. NEXP-09-FR-02 ) and shall assign a unique Claim No. for each claim based on Region / Country . This claim no. will be used for future reference / follow ups.
  • JK Technical Service personnel will thoroughly investigate the claim details/photos for defects. Based on the findings, disposition will be given in the CIR. Settlement of adjusted claims due to manufacturing defects will be on % pro-rata wear basis.
  • Importer / Distributor should dispose off the Claim tyres after peeling off the Serial nos. after settlement . These are to be sent to JK ‘s office, New Delhi.
  • JK will consider Unit Price of Tyre, Tube separately or as set depending on the defects for claim item applicable at the time of Invoicing / Shipment for calculation of claim amount.
  • Inspection findings of JK’s Technical service  personnel shall be final.
  • CIR will be sent to the Importer / Distributor  for his acceptance by way of signing & stamping and returning back to JK  along with the Bank details.
  • Accepted CIR will be sent to the Accounts Department for remitting the claim amount to the Importer / Distributor who will further credit the claim amount to the customers with an intimation to JK. Remittance will be through DD or TT.